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Clean windows mean better first impressions and an uplifting atmosphere in your home or business. While people may not notice a clean window, they’ll always notice a dirty one. With Window Cleaning Pros you can trust a service with expertly trained professionals, tried and true techniques, advanced equipment, and quality of care. Whether yours in a residential home, a retail storefront, or a multi-level luxury hotel, we have the time-tested experience to help.
About Us
Window Cleaning Pros has been servicing the Jacksonville, FL area for a number of years. In that time, we have become known as the top rated interior and exterior cleaning service for our local community. Our large range of clients from commercial structures and high-rise buildings to single story homes gives us a diverse range of experience and expertise in the field. What makes our services unique? We are dedicated to listening to your specifications for every job. Our trained professionals are committed to walking you through every step of our process and considering your guidelines and preferences for every project. We’ll take into account vulnerable areas on your building, the sensitivity of your business operations, and your precious furniture that need to be given extra care. Our clients have peace of mind knowing we’re here to help this process go as smoothly as possible for their home, business, and family.
Our Services
All our services are designed with you in mind. Experienced, trained professionals, foolproof methods, and advanced equipment give our service an exceptional quality that you’ll notice from the moment we step onto your property. Every small detail is taken into consideration. We go above and beyond window cleaning to offer you power washing, gutter cleaning, and reflective window cleaning. Whatever your commercial or residential project, we’ve got the tools and team to cover every base.

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Residential Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning services include interior and exterior for single story or multi-level homes. Having a hard reaching a window that’s never been cleaned before? We’ve got it. Do you have fragile furniture you don’t want damaged in the process? We’ve got you covered. We’ll always bring protective coverings for our feet and below each window. What’s more, our water is clean and our cleaning products are eco-friendly, so you can rest assured that your family and furry friends are safe with us. Upon additional request, we will clean your sills, frames, and screens for an extra sleek and shiny finish.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We understand how important it is for your business to maintain quality first impressions. Clean windows attract more customers and keep the interior atmosphere expansive and uplifting. Your business can’t afford to go without clean windows. At Window Cleaning Pros, our mission is to clean your windows as safely and efficiently as possible without causing interruptions to your daily business activities. We’re always mindful of your customers and clients and adjust our workspace accordingly. We have the proper equipment and expertise for any size building, both interior and exterior.

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High Rise Window Cleaning

We understand how valuable it is to maintain curb appeal, protect your windows from potential long-term damages, and perform these tasks with safety and caution. Our experienced professionals and state of the art equipment minimize risk, offering you reassurance that the building remains protected while everyone remains safe. All of our insured technicians have passed health and safety exams and are diligent in following techniques that ensure proper and responsible care. With Window Cleaning Pros, we cover every detail with our advanced tools to keep your building looking shiny and new while protecting it from wear and tear over time.

Reflective Window Cleaning

The benefits of reflective windows are numerous: UV protection helps lengthen the life of your furniture and lowers the cost of your energy bills. At Window Cleaning Pros, we know that reflective glass requires a specific kind of cleaner, a cautious hand, and an avoidance of certain tools. That, and a good scrubbing for hard water marks on the surface that are difficult to remove without scratching the layer of film. Our professionals are experienced at protecting your reflective glass while giving it a thorough cleaning, with a streak-free finish

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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a cost effective way to improve the appeal of your residential home or business. If your home is on the market, you can instantly make it look 10 years younger with a good pressure washing of the driveway, patio, entrance way, and walkways. Moss, oil stains, and toxic residues can build up over time. With a high quality pressure washing, you can eliminate hazards and give your home a fresh look.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a service your home cannot afford to go without. Long term buildup means rainwater can leak into your basement or through your roof, causing mold, infestations, and foundational damage. Luckily, our professionals are trained to come on site to thoroughly clean all gutters, removing lodged debris, and evaluating any damage you may have. We even provide small, quick fixes on some of the older gutters that may have come apart from the building.
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Contact Us For More Information

If you’re interested in hearing more about our services or getting a free quote today, feel free to contact the service number provided on the website. One of our customer representatives will be happy to answer your questions and help you get started on a cleaning project today. If you need any information about a service we’re currently providing, we will transfer you to one of our trusted technicians to further assist you. Looking for a free quote now? You can fill out the online form we’ve provided for you and we’ll get back to you via email.

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man cleaning the window
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“I’ve been getting my house cleaned by these guys for five years now. I’m always surprised at how quickly they get the job done. I think the thing that impressed me most right from the start was how they actually listened when I told them things I’d like done for the job.!” - Kate P.
“It was my first time working with Window Cleaning Pros and they did an exceptional job cleaning my roof, gutters, patio furniture, and exterior windows. I even asked if they’d do a small repair on one of the gutters that started to collapse after a storm and they did it without question.” - Brian L.
“Outstanding service. I own a multi-level apartment complex and was concerned with hiring a window cleaning crew that couldn’t handle the project or didn’t have enough experience to get the job done safely while keeping costs low. They exceeded expectations. From the initial quote to the final inspection, they were efficient and professional.” -Chris T.