Commercial Window Cleaning

man cleaning the commercial window

Window Cleaning Pros


Here at Window Cleaning Pros, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best commercial window cleaning services in the Jacksonville, Florida area.
Please read on to find out more about our commercial window cleaning services:
We Want To Create Better Business Appeal
Windows are the first impression for your business space. Your customers won’t notice a clean window as much as they’ll notice a dirty one. Help give your business curb appeal for potential clients and customers by keeping your windows clean. When your windows are clear, your employees and customers appreciate the inviting and uplifting atmosphere.
Another crucial reason to keep your windows clean is they will be less susceptible to etching and scratching. Windows are susceptible to accumulation of airborne pollutants, toxic debris, caked on dust, and other stubborn substances from long term weathering. It’s our job to help your business maintain good impressions and keep that lively environment by removing difficult debris and adding a clean, fresh look.
We Only Use Quality Equipment
Our equipment is designed to give the highest quality clean while maintaining building and customer safety. We consider every potential hazard to your business or building and implement practices that remove risk, easing our clients fears and gaining trust for each part of the process. Our qualified professionals use ladder protective coverings and floor coverings beneath each window. We also maintain the health of the environment by using biodegradable cleaning solutions and pure water. All of our licensed professionals wear the appropriate safety belts and glasses when working with multi-level operations.
Depending on the kind of project you have, we’ll select one of our time-tested techniques for cleaning. In some instances we will hand wash each window while in other situations, we may use lifts or extension poles to reach high windows. In any case, all of our advanced equipment is designed to help our professionals work in a timely, efficient manner while maintaining safety throughout.
We Understand the Process
Once we’ve introduced ourselves and taken your preferences into account, we begin by placing protective coverings over any vulnerable areas of your business. When working on a high-traffic street, we’ll establish a safety perimeter and put proper warning signs in place for prospective passerbys. Depending on the height of your building, we’ll either hand scrub each window or scrub using extension poles or lifts.
After the first layer, we’ll go back over everything with steel wool or a scraper to remove those stubborn, caked on residues. Next, we’ll squeegee all surfaces to avoid water streaks when drying. Lastly, we’ll use a microfiber cloth to polish off the dry surface.
We’re Licensed Professionals
We never leave any job without a final inspection and your approval. Additionally, if you have any other requests, we’ll be happy to go back over anything before we leave the premise. Our trained professionals have been servicing the Jacksonville area for years. We’ve built up a time honored respect by offering our community the most efficient and cost-effective commercial window cleaning service available.