Reflective Window Cleaning

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Here at Window Cleaning Pros, one of our specialties is reflective window cleaning.
It’s important to use the right water, cleanser, and tools as these all measurably improve the quality of service and safety of glass. Reflective windows heat up easily in the sun, making the water evaporate much quicker than on non-reflective glass.
Please read on to find out more about the reflective window cleaning services we provide:
What Are Reflective Windows?
Reflective glass has a thin layer of metal or metallic oxide on the surface and can be harder to clean without damaging the window. Ultraviolet protective film layers on your windows can help block intensity of sun rays, preventing furniture damage and keeping your energy bills low.
While reflective glass can be highly beneficial for a residence or business, it’s important to be cautious when cleaning these windows as they can be easily damaged with the wrong technique or product. At Window Cleaning Pros, we have the techniques, equipment, and experience to help make cleaning your reflective glass a smooth, easy process.
Protect Your Windows
The thin reflective layer is far more prone to damage than your other glass windows. There are a number of difficulties you’ll face if attempting to clean on your own. Likely, there has been hard water deposits that have built up as a residue over time. This could be from the metal framing around the glass, debris from construction, or long term weathering accumulation. Our trained professionals use a state of the art process for hard water spot removal.
We always use pure water when we wipe down the window, and only use microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the delicate UV layer. Additionally, we are cautious of using harsh chemicals which can easily damage the film layer so we avoid using any ammonia in our cleaning products.
Our Process
With the perfect combination of advanced equipment with a well-trained team of professionals, our reflective window cleaning service is efficient and hassle-free. When we arrive on site, we’ll always introduce ourselves and explain the process, waiting for any guidance or feedback that you might have for us. We’re always willing to work within the parameters of your business operation or your personal schedule.
Please don’t hesitate to supply any pertinent information to help us be of greater service to you. Every surface that our equipment is likely to touch, we place protective coverings down for the safety of your building or home. All of our cleaning solutions are made of eco-friendly, biodegradable materials, protecting the you, your family or employees, and the environment. We give each window a preliminary scrub down, go back over the tough water spots and caked on residues, and then squeegee down for a streak-free dry. Afterwards, every surface gets polished with a microfiber cloth.
We’re Licensed Professionals
Avoid costly damages to your reflective windows by hiring the most experienced, accessible, and efficient service in the Jacksonville area. At Window Cleaning Pros, we value open communication with all our clients as well as the safety and protection everyone involved. We’ve happy to answer any questions you may have and provide a quick quote for your reflective window cleaning.