High Rise Window Cleaning

men cleaning the high rise window

Window Cleaning Pros


One of our specialties here at Window Cleaning Pros is to clean high rise windows.
From office buildings to luxurious apartment complexes, high rise windows need to be maintained not only for the curb appeal, but also to prevent long-term damage to the windows. High rise window cleaning is risky business if you aren’t properly trained in the appropriate techniques and use of equipment. Whether your building is low-rise, medium-rise, or high-rise, our trained professionals are the most qualified support team in the Jacksonville area.
Read on to find out more about the high rise window cleaning services that we offer:
The Benefits of Keeping Your High Rise Windows Clean
Why does your high rise building need to keep clean? Dirty windows can permanently damage the glass. As window glass is incredibly porous, it is at risk for a range of hazards including toxic pollutants, salt spray, dust, dirt, and oxidation. Regular window cleanings help preserve the glass and provide clearer surfaces for more Vitamin D intake. This will help improve the quality of life of your building’s occupants, the positive first impression of your building, and your building’s long term maintenance.
Exterior Cleaning
We are a team dedicated to safety and only select access equipment that keeps the building and our trained professionals safe. All of our advanced equipment and techniques are designed to avoid scratches, reduce any risk of harm, and give each window a thorough, deep clean. Depending on your project needs, we use a combination of licensed machinery, ladders, belts, and extension poles to tackle every window for every height.
Interior Cleaning
While our specialty is cleaning exterior surfaces, we offer interior cleaning solutions as well. High rise window cleaning involves scrubbing down each surface to remove pollen, airborne pollutants, animal markings, dust, and debris. After we scrub down each surface, we go over those stubborn markings. Then, we squeegee every window to ensure a streak-free dry. From the moment we step on site to the moment you give that final sigh of relief, our team is committed to offering the highest quality, personalized service.
We’re Licensed Professionals
At Window Cleaning Pros we always take into account the three most important aspects of this service: safety, efficiency, and support. Our licensed professionals are properly insured and have taken health and safety exams to ensure the protection of our team and your building.
We always consider the health of the environment by using pure water for eco-conscious, risk free cleaning. Our techniques are designed to work efficiently on your building, saving you money as we clean greater surface areas in less time. When you work with our team, you can be sure that you’ll be provided with constant support. Our team members are available at any time to take all your needs into consideration. You can rest easy knowing our professionals are working diligently, openly communicating, and maintaining safety at all times.